Building Bandwidth in Management Education

Comprehensive engagement for measureable and time bound outcomes at three levels viz.
students ( Marketing Bootcamp ), Faculty ( Research Mentorship program ) and B Schools ( Directors’ League ).

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IIMB eMBArkers workshop Feb 2013

Marketing Bootcamp

Marketing Bootcamp is a 50 plus hour unique course on Marketing . The camp goes from learning theories to developing practical, implementable sales and marketing plans on a live, real product. The participants will get an opportunity to implement those plans and test the results. During the course of implementing the plans, the participants will have a chance to earn as well. A big portion of the sales achieved will be given back to the individual participants.

Research Mentorship Program

Best suited for junior and middle level management faculty members, interested in pursuing a quality research program from top Institutes and Universities. Theoretical exposure to research process (from philosophy of social sciences to latest in the research field) followed by a practical handholding of producing a publishable research paper, in a span of one year is offered under this program.
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Director's League Program

B Schools in India are in a quantity that is very high and quality that needs further support. We at eMBArkers strongly believe that the missing link between quality of a B School and its current status is the lack of a cohort based best practice implementation. This service if offered to the B School, through the Director, who would become its “transformation champion”.