Frequently asked Questions

What is eMBArkers?

eMBArkers is a educational venture under Vistiir Eduservices Pvt Ltd, founded by alumni of XLRI and IIMB�s PhD program. They have both rich corporate and academic experience and are interested in bridging the gap between the two. The stated aim of eMBArkers is to �Build Bandwidth in Management Education�.

What is Research mentorship program?

This program is meant for aspirants who want to explore the opportunity of making it big in the field of research. Many of the faculty members prefer working with the University system as this gives the flexibility to work and do research, while many of the senior PG students prefer taking up a full time research positions at top Institutes like the IIMs. We support both the categories of research aspirants. The basic value proposition is the same, viz. expose the candidate to the background and process of research and help them come out with a conceptual paper in their area of interest. This will help them scale it up further when they take up research positions either at the IIMs or at the Universities.

What is the value delivery proposition?

We mentor junior academicians about the following two things: a) process and b) content of getting into a PhD in management at IIMs. The process part refers to stages wherein the aspirant to the FPM program needs to know the �how� part of the process. The content part would be the actual phase of research viz. literature review, gap identification, etc. This would result in the form of a publishable paper.

Who are the potential users of this service?

Junior faculty members who have an interest in furthering their academic career in management are the prime potential users of this service. Post Graduate students of all disciplines (preferably social sciences like Economics, sociology, political science etc.) are encouraged to take this up.

Do you become our guides when we register at the University for a PhD?

No, the faculty members at eMBArkers believe that there can be a potential conflict of interest, if they were to become guides to their own students, later on at the Universities. However, any advice or help with regard to the research work is always rendered!

Do we need to get our own guides at IIMs?

IIMs have their own internal guide system, wherein faculty members at the IIMs will be on your dissertation committee. However, based on the need of a candidate, outside expert from other top institutes may be taken on board.

Is it necessary to have an MBA before taking up this process?

No. Management is a derived discipline and research in management benefits from multidisciplinary backgrounds of the researchers. IIMs in particular encourage candidates from different backgrounds like Economics, Sociology, Engineering, Political Science, medicine etc.

What is the eligibility for applying for FPM at IIMs?

As a thumb rule, a first class engineering degree or a Master�s degree with 55% is a must. For additional and detailed information, check the section on eligibility. Candidates are strongly encouraged to visit the individual IIM website before satisfying themselves that they are eligible for the process.

What is the mode of delivery at eMBArkers?

The delivery of the service is primarily through virtual class rooms We also have planned frequent offline interactions.

Can we pay the fee through cheque or DD?

We currently accept only through the NEFT mode. In other words, you need to transfer the funds to eMBArkers bank account through electronic transfer mode.

Is a journal publication mandatory at the IIMs before applying for the FPM position?

For a faculty member who is already into academics, the natural next level progression would be a publication. Having a publication drastically increases your chances of making it to the IIMs. However, not having a journal publication prior to application is not a disqualification.

What are the benefits provided by IIMs to the FPM candidates?

The IIMs in general provide a huge benefit to the candidates who pursue their doctorates at IIMs. The benefits are specific to each IIM and you are advised to visit the website of the relevant IIM to see the exact benefits. However, on a general note, the following are the benefits

What is the career scope a FPM graduate can expect?

FPM graduates have traditionally in the long term contributed to the academic world. However, many of them take corporate positions at senior level. Academic leadership positions (Deans and Directors of B Schools) are also widely held by alumni of the FPM program.

What typically is the cycle time to get a paper ready for publication?

A 4 month period would be a good time to generate a reasonably good paper for publication in India. However, depending on the interests of the candidate, research question and finally unexpected factors like data availability, time taken may vary between 3 to 6 months� time.

Is a journal publication guaranteed by enrolling with eMBArkers?

Journal publication is a process which expects a high level of rigor and research. We have many journals in our ecosystem which will enable our candidates to understand their guidelines and publish. However, strength of a good publication process is that it cannot be guaranteed, even by an editor if reviewers do not give the go ahead. However, with the insights from eMBArkers, odds of making it to journal publication are very high.

Till what period is the membership at eMBArkers valid?

The fee that you pay is a one-time fee and it is valid for lifetime. However, our immediate goals are to provide you with the research process mentorship and enable you to get into the Fellowship program at the IIMs / journal publication.

Wishing you good luck and happy researching!